5Square's Bar Lounge

5Square's Bar Lounge


Location: 1 Pickering St, #01-03 Great Eastern Centre 
Designers and Contractors: RE-Source Design
Completed in: April 2015

Located in the heart of Singapore’s Central Business District, 5Square is the flagship store of the FIVE Bar group that offers Izakaya-themed meals and drinks. 

5Square Bar consists of 4 main areas- the Bar Lounge, the Wine Cellar, The Recess and The Bazaar. Each of these zones are differently themed.

The Bar Lounge is a casual drinking avenue for party-goers and casual meet-ups, offering affordable drinks as cheap as $5. To create a casual ambience, common rectangular seating arrangements were used, with specially sourced chairs and bench tables. Funky 3D patterned tiles were also chosen to add a splash of fun into the space.

Below are items we designed and customized for 5Square's The Bar Lounge: 
1. Lighting Fixtures – Folded Metal Pendants 
2. Signages - Cut-Out Lettering with Front Light-Up Bulbs

To complete the unique fuse of themes for this restaurant, these were RE-Sourced:
1. Furniture – Metal backing and legs 
2. Tiles - 3D Patterned Tiles at Counter 
3. Decoration - Wood Barrels 
4. Wall Feature - Wooden Plank Walls 

Design should not be limited by cumbersome processes to obtain certain resources. 
At RE-Source, we can source, customize, and even design for you.
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