Yu Pin Steamed Seafood

Yu Pin Steamed Seafood

Location: 470 North Bridge Road, #01-05 Bugis Cube
Designers and Contractors: RE-Source Design
Completed in: June 2015

Yu Pin Steamed Seafood offers diners a new seafood dining experience by allowing diners to witness live sea food before they are cooked.

Gold was the main colour theme of the restaurant. To offer diners privacy while having their meals, booth seats with customised screens were installed to not only give a consistent visual porosity throughout the restaurant, but also serve as an obvious oriental identity. 

1. Screens: Anodised metal screens with customised oriental pattern
2. Lighting Fixtures - Folded Anodised Metal Pendants 
3. Feature Wall - Anodised Metal Vertical and Horizontal Strips 
4. Signage - Lasercut Anodised Metal Logo with Front Light Up

To complete the oriental contemporary ambience, these were the things we RE-Sourced:
1. Cushion Backing - Diamond tuft with button 
2. Cushion Backing - Linear Tufts
3. Marble Top Tables
4. Artificial Plants 

Design should not be limited by cumbersome processes to obtain certain resources.
At RE-Source, we can source, customize, and even design for you.
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