Zipang Japanese Dining Bar

Zipang Japanese Dining Bar

Hotel Chancellor, Singapore, Orchard 

 Client: N/A

Completion Date: August 2016

Zipang is an archaic Japanese name for "Island of Gold". 

This is a restaurant that offers an exquisite palette of authentic Japanese cuisine by their chefs who hail from Japan. It was part of the clients' goal in wanting to offer a modern and mouthwatering Japanese dining experience in a relaxed yet classy setting.

To provide a cosy, warm yet contemporary setting, we got adventurous in trying different materials we have sourced and customized ourselves. We used a natural and rustic palette with materials like marble, wood and granite. To emphasise the idea of a gold island, we also experimented with a handpainted gold-leaf effect wall.

Sushi Bar Stone Wall: 60x90cmx 3.5cm thick natural slate tiles imported and installed 
Marble Bar Top: Black marble, cut to size and installed on site
Customised Lighting Features: Faceted design in tandem with metal screen design
Customised Signage: Anodized gold stainless steel box-up lettering with backlit frosted acrylic 
Wall: Handpainted Bronze Acrylic on Wallpaper 

Customised Wood Wall: Reclaimed boat wood on teppanyaki feature wall 
Carpet: Customised to fit dimensions of teppanyaki area 

Furniture: Live-edge table picked with appropriate dimensions for site 
Chair Upholstery: Cushion seating wrapped with selected fabric 

Customised Metal screens: Anodized stainless steel flatbar welded into 4 modular units and arranged and installed on site

Customized Metal bar rack: Anodized gold metal rack installed on adjustable AA tracks

Entrance: Mosaic tiles in gold finish, interior film in wood finish, customised signage in lettering cut-out with backlight


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