About RE-Source

A Business-to-Business Sourcing and Customising Design Solution Company for Architects, Designers, Contractors and Business Owners.  

We help clients save money, time and at the same time push design limits -

by supplying and provide sourcing services for new and innovative materials.
Customise Design Solutions
We help clients realise their unique brand and preference by prototyping with new design ideas and bringing them to reality.

A Design Partner 
We help clients solve problems. In situations of difficult design issues,
we would be more than willing to be your design consultant.

As a Design Consultancy + Maker Lab, we take a fresh approach towards delivery your works by exploring and tapping on vast resources.We have to make your creations viable. With the wide array of materials easily made available, your playground is a lot more exciting now.
We are always at hand to share our design experiences and expertise for your needs. You can trust our advice will be feasible as we will be personally sourcing, creating and making the items for you.

We provide worldwide custom-built solutions, geographical location is not a constraint.

Transform your design process with us.

It begins with an idea 

Let us help you grow it further by sharing 
with us your concept and plans 

Our creative minds will put our heads 
together for you...

And seek, search and source the stuff that are readily available 

Customisation is our forte, we can make it special by
personalising acording to your requirements

And if the design solutions require extra touches,
we will make them happen  

Trust our committed team of creators, consultants and craftsmen
to bring the creations to life. We take pride in providing value-add
services in the design process by facilitating your work

We ship and deliver to most parts of the world,
as long as there's a mode of transport to get there