Q: Where is Re-Source based?
A: Re-Source is a Singapore registered company with production capabilities and sourcing agents from various countries.

Q: Who should use Re-Source's service?
A: We are a Business-to-Business Sourcing and Customising Design Solution Company for Architects, Designers, Contractors and Business Owners.  

Q: How do I make an enquiry?
A: You can send your enquiries to ask@re-sourcedesign.com or whatsapp us at +65 9653 2686 or message us on messenger (link below). Give us 24h to get back to every single of your request.

Q: Is there a minimum order?
A: It depends on the item you're looking at. Enquire anyway!

Q: How long is shipping time?
A: Enquire and we will advise according to your time and budget requirements.

Q: Do you have other materials that is not listed?
A: Definitely. Just ask away!