Green Succulent

These leaves are merely lovely.
If you are looking for something exclusive and different to accommodate your green wall, wedding cake and decorations, bridal hair, bouquet decorations, costume decorations, table and venue decorations, commercial or residential decorations, or to spice up any crafting adventure, do not ever let these elegant beauty slip by you.

The technology nowadays has improved so much better, so these artificial/fake plants look like genuine originals while their prices are also affordable.

These plants require no water, sunlight, fertilizer, and maintenance. There are no specific feeding necessities for them; only a little dusting is necessary every 2 months. They also preserve its height, colour and form for ages, with no effort at all. 

Artificial plants allow you to let nature in, without really having to do so.

You can customise them based on your needs and wants on our website.

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