Pure White Arabescato Marble

By RE-SOURCE design


Interior film is a great alternative for wrapping a variety of interior surfaces. It can be easily applied to flat surfaces, in the same way a sticker is applied. You can use it to re-wrap old carpentry, or for new interior projects. It comes in a 50m roll at a width of 1.24m, allowing you to wrap long surfaces without seams! Edges can also be wrapped without join lines, giving a clean finish that mimics realistic materials as compared to using laminates.


  • Change the look of an existing product or use it on a new surface.
  • Various uses such as: Walls, Cabinets, Doors, Tables, Rafters, Plaster Boards
  • Easy to apply on flat surfaces, works like a sticker
  • Realistic textures that mimic a variety of materials
  • Durable coated surface that is stain resistant, and free from harmful chemicals, flame retardant  
  • Comes in a roll of 50m, 1.24m width
  • S$50/m, indicate the n.o meters you need for your project
  • For Singapore orders, Add $300 for installation
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